• The Big Shoals Raft

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SmithFly builds the best ultralight inflatable fishing rafts, the original inflatable floating tents and the chillest of chill, Cabana Rafts all to help people experience the world in new and unique ways. We build as much as possible in house and from scratch. For everything we can’t build in house, we work with the best manufacturing partners we can find. We are a small company. We make things in small batches.

You may have seen us on social media during one of our fits of viral-ness. You may have seen us mentioned on the Today show, or CNBC, Bored Panda, or maybe the NY Post, but don’t be confused, we aren’t a giant mega-brand with teams of marketers or sales people with big ad budgets and swarms of “pro-staff.” We have four people on staff. With those four people, we manage everyday to design stuff, build stuff, pack stuff, and ship stuff all over the US and all over the world.  It’s a tall order but we manage. All of this we do everyday, to help our customers get out in the natural world and see things and interact with nature from a different perspective. Hopefully we are making the world a better place - one little raft at a time.

The Big Shoals Raft

"This thing is built to take abuse, and even with the anchor and all the other stuff you take fishing, because you can take 3 people, it's still light enough to do some insane portages and put-ins/take outs..."

"I have been incredibly impressed with how amazing this boat has worked. We have skinny water with no boat ramps and the boat has outdone every other craft thats on the water... "

-Will Paul, Guide, Raleigh NC