Duo - Inflatable Tandem Kayak

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Length: 13'-8"
Width: 2'- 3"
Dry Weight: 40 Lbs.
Capacity: Two Adults (400 Pounds combined)

The Duo is our tandem take on the inflatable kayak. Built entirely from ultra-durable, high pressure drop stitched double wall PVC material just like the floors of our rafts, the Duo is a light weight portable and simple way to hit the water. 

Weighing in at 40 pounds, one person can easily put it on their shoulder and carry it to the water. Being inflatable means you can easily stow it in the back of any car truck or SUV. That means no more awkward lifting of boats on to the roof of your vehicles and no more gas hogging, loud wind noise having, roof racks on long trips your favorite body of water. 

The Duo kit comes with Double-action hand pump with a built in pressure gauge. Two built in Fins and one removable larger fin. A break down, two piece double bladed paddle, storage and carrying back pack, and patch kit! That's a whole lot of bang for your buck.

People always ask us, how durable and safe is that inflatable stuff? Well, funny you should ask, with three chambers it would take three catastrophic punctures to really lose all the air. So the triple redundant chamber set up is super safe. And you can in fact completely fill it with water and it still floats. Because the hull is inflatable  ( yes filled with air) it still won't sink when it is filled with water unlike rigid boats. And yes we have filled them with water Mythbuster's style  and it is true they won't sink. They still float, filled to the brim with water.  So it's super safe, some might even say safer than a rigid boat.

As for durability, just ask the huge group of professional guides (that list is long and illustrious and includes some of the best people in the industry) that have logged hundreds of trips on our rafts. They are super durable and take a real beating in the toughest conditions.  We use the same partners, manufacturing techniques and materials as we do on our bigger boats and rafts,. We even make fully rigid RIB's that can take a 60 Hp motor, if our rafts can handle that, a little double paddle canoe should handle the abuse you can throw at it.