Rod Rack

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Our Rod Rack offers full protection for four fly rods while you are on the water. If you count the two rods with the anglers that means you can have up to six rods in the boat rigged and ready to go.

Rafts are good for breaking rods. Whether it's that buddy who just breaks stuff all the time (and we all know that guy) or your kids, or clients, someone is bound to break a rod when rods are left lying across the tubes of a raft, trust us, it happens.

That's why we designed this full protection rod rack and tray to completely protect your rods when you are on the river. And the bottom of the tray will do a dandy job of holding flies etc while you're on the water.

The rod reels are seated in slots cut into 1/8" thick powder coated aluminum in end of the tray and the tips of the rods slide easily into the fully protective tubes.