Hands-Free Oar Hooks

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We all know the feeling, somebody hooks that ba-donka-donkey that you knew was sulking in that deep dark pocket of delicious looking holding water but you need to get set for landing it. So you drop the oars and the anchor but the oars fall in the water and become a problem, moving around and just not sitting right. The oars cause a bit of a commotion and get in the way. Sure you could get counter-balanced oars and that might help, but those are heavier and we doing the whole light weight raft thing right? 

To solve this problem we built our new hands-free oar hooks. These super stout, built-in-house, small batch oar hooks,  were brought to life from left over material used with our Padded Leg brace, helping us limit any land fill waste. 

These 1/4" thick, heat formed PVC and our 6mm EVA foam pads we made an oar hook that attaches to our frame in the perfect spot using our standard straps to keep your oars handy and out of the water but also out of the way while you tail Old Mossy Back and get that hook out, so you and that trophy gator face can live to fight another day. 

Now let's say you have a raft built by another company, something you should talk to us about by the way, but let's just say you have a big blue raft, or one of those heavy things from one of those other places we shall not name, will these hooks work for those dense barges? Yes, yes they will. This kit comes with two of our  straps to attach this hook to any frame! See, we play nice with others, for the most part. 

These work with both our standard SST oar shaft width as well as the larger diameter Smoker and Square Top shaft diameters.

Pick up a pair of these, so next time you are out on the water you can enjoy the unbridled pleasure of a hands-free donkey rodeo!