The Wolf RTI

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The Wolf RTI (Rigid Transom Inflatable) is our take on a salt water flats fishing skiff.

We've taken our expertise at building some of the lightest and most innovative fishing rafts and applied it to something with a little power behind it - well more than a little.

The Wolf RTI is a fully inflatable flats fishing machine with a Rigid Transom that accepts up to a 20hp short shaft motor. The wolf is built around 1 Mil thick PVC, 18" diameter tubes with four total air chambers for safety and flotation. The floor is built using our 6" thick, fully inflatable just like our legendary Big Shoals Raft (NOT RIGID) drop stitched inflatable  material with scuppers and an inflatable keel making it the lightest skiff you can find. Weighing in at just over 120 pounds by itself the Wolf RTI is a the lightest way to get on salt water possible with the smallest amount of draft possible (3 inches or less.)

If you add in our frame weighing in at another hundred and twenty pounds and you have a skiff weighing in at 240 pounds without a motor. Add another 136 pounds for the 20HP motor and what you are left with the shallowest drafting lightest weight skiff in the world. Better than that you can roll up the hull and store the rubber in your garage and hang the frame from the ceiling - no need for a one car garage storage <--- try that with a fiberglass boat? No way. 

Like everything in life there are compromises. It's not a full white knuckle speedster like a fiberglass boat. You probably don't want to be in a hurry but it does get you there safely.  It does flex more than a fiberglass boat and has a bit of a "soft ride"  - it's a bit like riding a drunken pony when compared to stiff flats skiffs. In lumpy seas, it has a bit of spray, SO it's a wetter ride. And by "a bit of spray" we mean, get a dry bag and wear some swim trunks, but hey that's part of the fun. Half of the fun is getting there, right?

And because we know that this type of fishing isn't limited to salt water we included our normal Big Shoals Raft oar locks with our stout self-lubricating nylon bushings. When the water gets too deep to pole you can row <-- yes we do that frequently on deeper slots for carp, so it is a handy tool to have in the boat.

Colors available:
Dark Wolf Grey tubes and black wear layer (Photos Shown)
White tubes and Arctic Wolf Grey wear layer

Wolf RTI Raft Only no Frame - $3499'
Wolf RTI Raft with Frame $4999
Wolf RTI Raft with Frame  and 9.9 Suzuki $7320 (Manual Start) $7320
Wolf RTI with Frame and 15hp Suzuki $7899 (Electric Start)
Wolf RTI with Frame and 20hp Suzuki $8499 (Electric Start)

15' Long
6' Wide
Max 20hp Motor
6" Thick Drop stitched Floor
Rigid Transom
8 D-rings
Oar Locks

Available Accessories:
Yeti 45 QT Charcoal seat
Stiffy Push Pole
9' Sawyer Counterbalanced Pole Cat Oars with Dura-Max blade
9' Sawyer Smoker Bandit Carbon Fiber Oars