Big Shoals Raft Replacement Floor

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We are now building drop-stitch Big Shoals Raft floors in house in our new facility in Montrose Colorado.

As most of our customers know, we have struggled with replacement floors, over the years due to the complexity of supply chain and availability of production facilities overseas. Our floors take a beating. Rivers are dirty, sandy, gravely muddy places, with all kinds of things that are not great for inflatables when you stand on them. So after a good bit of use it is possible that the drop stitch floor will develop issues that require replacement. 

So it is with great excitement that we present our first major inflatable product to be produced in our new Montrose, Colorado production facility These are hand built one at a time with using our hot air welder machine and some very skilled labor. They are direct replacement of the old style floor but are not purely identical to the original ones. 

We've made a few minor design improvements:

1. We rounded off some of the corners for a smoother profile.
2. We slimmed down the scuppers and lengthened them out a little bit to enhance stiffness but still allow for good drainage.
3. We split the EVA foam decking into three pieces to reduce the amount of stress on the foam and the potential for the adhesive to break free.  The gaps in the foam decking are located under the seat crossbars. We also shorted the aft foam sections to indicate to users that it should be located under the aft seat. This will eliminate the opportunity of putting  the floor in backwards.
4. The drop stitch material we sourced is white in color, and has a thicker face PVC extrusion which should be more durable than our older slightly thinner grey drop stitch material. The trade off in color is enhanced durability. So that's a good thing. The overall floor thickness remains 6".

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Approximate lead time for production is currently 1-2 weeks.