Gear Rack Bench Seat Pad

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So you want to run a gear rack AND a back seat in the back of your raft? Well, you are so in luck. We heard your whimpering cries for help (literally at least once a week someone was asking about using a seat WITH the gear rack) and we have delivered this totally awesome, high quality, Made in the USA seat pad that snaps on to our gear rack and turns it into a bench seat. 

Let your rear passengers ride in style with this comfortable seat cushion snapped to our gear rack. Then when your annoying buddy, who you normally make ride in the back, doesn't show up at the boat ramp, you can unsnap that seat pad... and BAM... right back to being that heavy duty gear rack for hauling all your fancy roto-molded coolers ,wood pellet grills and and other stuff you probably don't need while fishing.

Built using durable, 2" thick, saltwater skiff-style (is that a thing?, yes, yes it is) seat foam and the highest quality light grey bolstered marine vinyl, this thing is built to last you a lifetime. Each pad is hand made in Florida by a small, custom, upholstery shop just for us, in small batches. 

They aren't cheap, but then again, most cheap stuff you don't want anyway. So yeah, invest in the good stuff once and rest assured that it will last as long as you want it to. 

 Built to fit around our eyelet tie down points and to be flexible with older configurations of the gear rack, you install the snaps that are included with the cushion to ensure proper fitment across various configurations of the gear rack.

*Pad only, Gear rack not included