45 Quart Ice Cold Cooler

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What's cooler than being cool? Ice COLD! Say hello to the 45 QT Ice Cold Cooler.

Ok, so we are completely aware that the world needs another high-end cooler like it needs a hole in its collective cranium. However, it's still actually quite difficult to get those high-end coolers, from any of the brands that currently market them, without committing to a metric ton of invetory and selling off a limb or two.

So when one of our suppliers asked us if we need any coolers, we said sure, send it!

If you are ordering a raft, and would like a cooler built right into the front seat, just add this item to your raft order and we can build it right in, no other action or cost required. Just click add to your cart when you are buying your raft. Its just that simple.

The features are super solid and we are stoked to have them in stock and ready to go. They come with a basket and a cutting board / divider. They have super durable latches and bottle openers built right in to the corners. 

One other nifty feature that we like, the ruler on top to keep your buddies honest!

So keep your boat drinks cooler than cool, ice cold in our Ice Cold 45 QT Cooler.

And yes, we are selling these on their own, outside of our raft frames as stand alone coolers. If you still aren't on the roto-molded cooler band wagon, jump on, this train is a rolling!

27" x 16" x 16"
69CM x 40CM x 40CM

Weight: 30 LBS