Bonita RIB

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Literally translated Bonita means, pretty, beautiful or lively.  But the Bonita RIB is not just a pretty boat, it is the culmination or years of R&D and testing to bring to market a boat that is truly unique and will be a category unto itself. 

So what makes this thing so special? Why would we want to add a platform and casting deck to a rigid inflatable? Why not just use an existing skiff? We have quite a few reasons for that, they are as follows:

1. Weight, this thing is light. Inflatables are extremely light and the Bonita RIB is no exception. Weighing in at just 450 pounds this hull is as light as those super expensive full carbon build for a fraction of the cost.

2. Sea keeping. You don't want to ride a big swell or a stiff chop in a skiff. People do it all the time but it isn't fun and you have be extra careful. We've probably all seen those wide eyed sports standing on the dock soaked to the bone after a white knuckle ride back to the ramp, right? Well, RIBs are inherently built to take on some serious seas without batting an eye. We've had this thing, with the hull completely out of the water and also standing almost straight up in the air. We've been in stuff we wouldn't ever want to be a part of in a flats skiff. Not to mention the redundant flotation offered by multiple baffled air chambers. Why do you think RIBs are popular in places where the water is cold like Alaska, Scotland, Norway?  

3. The draft very little water. Period. 3"-6" water is all you need. Tilt up your motor and float it over the skinniest stuff you can think of. The tubes act like pontoons and float the v shape much higher than if they wren't there. More surface area in contact with the water means shallower draft, its simple physics. 

4. The v-shaped rigid aluminum hull and tube structure means a very soft cushioned ride in a stiff chop. The W shape created by the hull and tube structure gives a nice soft ride. Softer ride means happy sports.

5. They pole straight and with very little effort. See 3 and 4.

6. RIBs are WAY more affordable and result in less scrap material during the build than fiberglass or carbon resin layups. Have you seen skiff prices lately? It's because resin infusion is super expensive time consuming and has a ton of scrap material after the build is complete. 

7. The Bonita makes for a perfect rescue tenders on larger vessels as well, offering a tremendous amounts of redundant safety in situations where you need the ability to take on big seas without worrying about swamping the deck.  RIBs can double as a tender and don't need to use fenders when they are tied up to a mother ship. Standard equipment lifting points? Yep? Get her, on the deck fast! Yep.

Specs and features:

• 15'-9" L.O.A. and 6'-10" Beam
• Powder coated aluminum hull with PVC keel guard
• 1MM Hypalon Tube, 4 baffled air chambers
• Integral pressure relief valves
• 50 HP Max power
• Standard center console 
• Rotary Hull and mechanical steering 
• Integral 18 gal fuel tank mounted under fore deck
• Anchor locker in fore deck
• HD deck mounted lifting rings for davits and cranes
• Padded seat cushions
• Under seat storage
• EVA padded foam decking throughout
• Removable Poling Platform and elevated casting deck 
• 5 HD Handle / cleats
• Center console grab bar
• Electric Bilge pump
• Optional White and Light Blue color scheme available.

Currently not stocked. Price does not include Outboard Motor, hull only. 
Outboards can be sourced, mounted and rigged by SmithFly, call for a quote.
Lead time is approximately 3-6 months from time of deposit. 
50% deposit required upon order placement.