Hope Sun Mask

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The Hope Sun Mask is great way to wear a mask in public, still look reasonably cool and support the SmIthFly brand in a small way, while we fight through this epidemic together.

The coolest part of these types of sun masks is that they look like a basic scarf or bandanna of some sort when you don't have it up over your mouth and nose. Then when you encounter a situation where you need a mask, pop it up and boom, all safe and sound, no sun, no spraying of contagions! Happy, happy.

Why do we call it the Hope Mask? The River Hope is a, not very well known but much whispered about, Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon river on the North Coast of Scotland. Access is extremely difficult to obtain. SmithFly has been fortunate to fish the River Hope the last two seasons and we are scheduled to do so again this year but unfortunately those plans are looking less and less likely with each day that passes. And yet there is always Hope!

The photo on the Hope Sun Mask is a five pound grilse Atlantic Salmon that 14-year-old Garrett Smith landed on a two handed rod swinging a fly through the painted stone pool. This fish spent most of it's life swimming around the North Atlantic only to find it's way back into the hope System for spawning which happen another year for this particular fish as grilse are not yet fully mature. We released her, like we do all the fish there, to continue her line and help the population exist for future generations to enjoy. A true thing of beauty and if you know anything about Atlantic Salmon fishing quite an accomplishment.

Invest in some HOPE and we will all get through this together.