Montrose Location for SFD MFG CO our new Sister Company

I'm in Montrose this week working on getting things set up there to start making the rafts right here in the USA via our sister company SFD MFG CO.

SFD will be the manufacturing arm of SmithFly and will make OEM products for other brands as well. The letters SFD comprise SmithFly's Coast Prefix for Hull identification number. Everyone of our boats has the SFD prefix on it when it leaves the shop.

The new shop is located on the banks of the Uncompahgre River which it is undergoing a pretty neat restoration project through the town section thanks to the great work by the folks at Mayfly outdoors and the city of Montrose and Colorado Outdoors.

The two pics above are the flex building that will house our new fab shop for fabric welding etc. And the River behind the shop. It's a beautiful place and I am stoked to be here working on getting this new thing started. 

I'll be working through all the little bitty details of getting this thing  going ver the next few weeks. 

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