How to patch your raft

What you'll need:
HH-66 Vinyl Cement Patch Material
Hair Dryer

1. Get some soapy water in a spray bottle or a sponge.

2. Air the raft up, and then Soap it up really well all over the tube and valve where you think it might be leaking.

3. It will blow bubbles where it is leaking, if it doesn't show immediately wait a while, it could be a bunch of tiny leaks that will blow foam eventually over time.

4. Dry it off and mark the area to be patched with a marker. 5. Cut a patch from Vinyl patch material with rounded corners.

6. Put one coat of HH-66 on each part, the tube to be patched and the patch itself. 7. Let both parts cure out for 5 mins until it is no longer tacky.

8. Heat both parts with the hair dryer until they are both evenly warm to approx 120-130 degrees F.

9. Put the patch on and press firmly all over the patch and tube.

10. Let them cool.

11. Wait 24 hours for patch to cure fully.

12. Inflate the raft and party on!


If you don't feel comfortable doing that you can send it back to us and we can patch it for you. Definitely DO NOT ever use Aquaseal on your rafts. It will never hold air again and you can never patch over Aquaseal.

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