Who is Lydia Loveless, a documentary.

She's from Ohio, she kicks some serious ass in song writing and performance, she's toured with the Supersuckers, written a song about Steve Earle, though don't be mistaken that tune is actually about a local guy that was her stalker whom they called Steve Earle, not Steve Earle the actual song writer, she's married to a friend of mine who also happens to be one of the best bass players in the history of Franklin County if not the world, and she will, someday, in my humble opinion, hopefully, be recognized for the amazing abilities that she posses in the form of capturing in exquisite detail the depth and breadth of human emotion that is life, all while putting it into verse chorus form and blasting it out through loudspeakers accompanied by a badass rock band at dangerous sound levels.

Of course, the exploration and expression of human emotion through art and or music is a big part of what the Study blog is all about even it means some ass-kicking, face-melting, Marshall blaring, guitar riffs and f-bombs. She has all of that and more. So today we salute Lydia Loveless. See I'm not all, pinkies out, Shakespeare and masterpiece theatre around here, there's plenty of room for rock and roll.

There's a documentary in the works called Who Is Lydia Loveless there is also a kickstarter you can go support the film too. The film is actually done by an independent group of filmmakers who are no relation to her officially. So it's a not a bunch self-promoting self-aggrandizing BS operation like a lot films of this sort. No, this film, it's the real deal. Her husband and bass player, Ben has a great quote in the new trailer, "She's like you're greatest fantasy and worst fucking nightmare, all in one." Watch below.

Maybe someday, someone, could convince Lydia to do a Bluegrass album. Wouldn't that be cool. Her incredible voice and songwriting over some solid traditional bluegrass. Look out! Not that I don't like the rock and roll gig, because clearly that's pretty amazing and she is doing it so well.

This is the old line up old our old Bluegrass band circa about 2002, me in the middle with the mandolin, looking like I'm twelve years old. John Lucchetta on Banjo, Terry Mullins on Guitar, Ben Lamb on Bass.

I think Ben is still playing that same bass, if I'm not mistaken.

Enjoy some of her music below, and at the bottom the best Supersuckers album in the HISTORY OF EVARRRR.



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