An open letter regarding a mistress that shall never be - a 1947 Christ Craft Twin Cockpit Rocket

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To my loving wife, Regarding the Mistress who shall never be.

Fear not darling, I shall not be tempted by her subtle, seductive curves, sparkling chrome bow, and glistening varnish. Nor shall I allow my heart to skip a beat when I hear the subtle glug glug of the strong inline six cylinder engine.

No. I shall not purchase her. By shear force of will power and fear of bankruptcy, I know that that even though I hear her siren call in the distance, it is a call that demands more resources that I can command at this juncture.

She needs a good home. She is lost in this industrial wasteland of the American midwest. True she was born not from here in Algonac, Michigan, but she has globe trotting aspirations far beyond here and deservedly so.

She would be much more happy doted on in the sunny waters of Nice, or Montenegro by someone no less beautiful than Audrey Hepburn. She is a classic beauty of world renowned and cannot be left to float in our dingy, algae infected, silt stained, cesspool impoundments.

Please someone take her hand and lead her into a life of mediterranean bliss.

Yours Truly


1947 Chris-Craft 16' Rocket Wooden Boat - $11000 (Dayton, Ohio)

Seller says: 
Price just reduced from $ 16,500 to $ 11,000.

•Yr Mfg -1947
•Model - Rocket Runabout
•Length - 16'
•Engine - Chrysler Marine "ACE" 6 cyl.

This beautiful 1947 Chris-Craft 16' Rocket Wooden classic boat is located in Dayton, Ohio.
Equipped with the optional, more powerful Chrysler Ace inline 6 cylinder engine that runs great.
The Special Runabout was not a runabout at all, but a deluxe utility with a wide center deck that created a separate forward cockpit. Called the ROCKET by Chris-Craft, these boats were nearly identical to the pre-war 16 Deluxe Runabouts which in turn were lengthened versions of the 1938 15-1/2 Deluxe Runabouts. According to Chris Craft factory production records 1,040 Rockets were built from late 1945 through 1948 with only 40 boats being produced in 1947.

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Mike Sepelak

Oy. What a beauty.

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