Tying SmithFly's Bulky Minnow

I've been trying to tie up some bigger flies, andI've landed on this pattern I'm calling the Bulky Minnow for obvious reasons. It casts wonderfully — like somewhere between a wet dish rag and a fluffy bath towel, like the ones you get at the nicer hotels. The ones without Bed bugs.

Pike, Musky and Stripers will destroy it. It looks really sexy in the water on an erratic strip and there isn't that pesky stinger hook hanging back there to foul up, because let's be honest, that happens more than anyone likes to admit.

Every fish that eats this thing will eat it head first, they aren't nipping at the tail of this thing, it's going down in one bite, all the way down. 


Hook: Partridge of Reddicht Universal Predator #8/0
Body / Wing: Enrico Puglisi Fibers 3D EP Fibers Various Colors
Flash: Krsytal Flash
Feather Accent 1: Grizzly Barred Schlappen
Feather Accent 2: Grizzly Hackle Whiting Farms Dry Fly Size 10-12

So there you have it, a materials list that will ensure it will never ever be commercially produced, because let's face it, the retail price on these would be like $94.25.


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