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Yesterday we featured some work by Brandon Robinson of One Bug is Fake without knowing that he would be featuring some SmithFly gear in his year end review.

Brandon's Take on our Matecumbe Reel ...

Matecumbe.  This is hands down my new favorite reel. Recently imported from Smith Fly, this thing has the weight and craftsmanship that reminds me of a Ross Evolution or a Nautilus, for about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost. It’s also the prettiest reel I own.


Brandon's Take on Gear ...

I have purchased almost every piece of modular gear SmithFly sells, and it’s not just because I’m on their pro-staff; I genuinely enjoy their product line. Every piece works with every other piece, either as a stand alone or as part of a kit.
  1. The Switch Belt.  This guy is fully stacked and almost always within a few feet of me, 24/7.
  2. The product that started it all and possibly my favorite piece of gear from year to year…  It holds a set of nippers (read: toenail clippers from Walgreens with the lever removed), a pair of not Dr Slick hemostats, and my favorite knot tying tool.  El Poquito, never left home without it!
  3. The Switch Belt also holds my Digi Pouch. Designed for DSLR cameras and used extensively by some big names, in, fly, fishing, photography, this pouch is overkill for holding my cell phone, my work phone, and also my phone camera lenses that I picked up for cheap here, but it does it very well.
  4. Also attached to my wading belt is my modest sticker collection holder.  To facilitate and insulate it, I use this little guy.  The extra storage pouch also hold my license and a few emergency items in case I get stranded on the water somehow. You could use it to hold your hopes and dreams, or a snack.  I’d go with a snack.

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