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One Bug is Fake

Some people just get it. From day one, Brandon Robinson of One Bug is Fake is one of those people. He has a nice set of purpose built fly fishing gear from SmithFly but he mixes it in with other Mil-Spec gear to make a super cool custom rig that adapts to any fishing situation. The photo above shows his Switch Belt with Digi-Pouch in the center and other Mil-Spec Pouches flanking it. He posted this very interesting portrait of carp fishing recently. Just exactly what the study blog is all about. Re-posted with his permission.

Shadows meander beneath the rippled reflection of a cloudless sky.  Crouch low enough to feel hidden, stand tall enough to stay aware.  Add more line to the argosy of pigment circumscribing your knees.  Feel excitement bead on your forehead and drip into your eyes.  Hurry before the course changes. Load. Aim. Fire.


Then wait.






Wait in defiance of the cacophony in your head and chest.


Wait; ignore the pulse in your ears.






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