Hybrid White Bass, Striped Bass in the Great Miami River

Our guide Donnie Knight of Fly By Knight was out on the Great Miami River before the rain moved in and ran into and incredible pod of hybrid white bass stripers. It was one of those fish on every cast moments.
This is not normal for our river, in fact nobody that we know has ever caught any of these in the Great Miami River.
So what's going on?
The best we can figure is that they washed down from Kiser lake where they are planted by the state and have existed for some time. So while a surprise, it's not a CRAZY unthinkable surprise. Kiser Lake is an impoundment of Mosquito Creek which feeds into the Miami River not too far up the river from us. 
These guys pull considerably harder than a small mouth and average size is quite a bit bigger. They take a flashy fly with reckless abandon and are an absolute blast on a fly rod. With temperatures warming up they will hopefully be looking to the surface and responding to poppers in the same way.
If you'd like to have an evening like this, lt us know, we can put you on the river.

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