Waxed Cotton Upland Bird Hunting Chaps

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Our waxed cotton upland bird hunting chaps are hand built to order one at a time from the best most durable waxed cotton available right in our small workshop in Troy Ohio.

They feature a full set of snaps on the outside seam to make getting in and out of them at the truck much easier. The snap seam overlaps enough such that snagging them in tough cover should never be an issue. They have two belt webbing snaps with two length adjustment straps to hold them tight to your belt.

For sizing just select your typical inseam length for street pants, and the appropriate girth size. The regular fit pattern is sized to fit most people's needs. Our regular is a bit wider than industry standard to allow for more layers in colder conditions. The Husky Fit is for the larger folks and the slim is obviously for smaller framed guys and most ladies. If you have questions give us a call to discuss.

You may be familiar with the traditional "double tin chaps" available from the big name in Seattle. We worked directly with their former supplier of waxed cotton, from the days before the big name was sold and moved sourcing of waxed cotton to overseas mills. We sourced cloth that is much heavier than the traditional tin cloth, which is why we call it Iron Cloth. Our source guys have been making waxed cotton since 1930 and know what quality and consistency means. Standard double tin chaps are built with two layers of 10.10 oz waxed cotton which when finished turns out to more like 13.54 oz per yard.

Our chaps are built from heavier 14oz cotton that when finished out with wax is closer to 20oz per yard. That makes our single chaps just as durable as their doubles! 

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