Upland Shell Pouch

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Our Iron Cloth waxed cotton upland hunting pouch is liberated from the confines of being sewn to a belt. With our stand-alone pouch, you can use it on any belt you choose. Since it is MOLLE compatible it will work on any MOLLE backpack or belt, and will work on any of your existing leather or webbing belt. This gives you maximum flexibility in how you carry your gear in the field. The best part is that you don't need to undo your belt to get the pouch on, just snap it over your belt while it's on! How simple is that?

For minimalist Grouse and quail hunting, this pouch offers hunters the perfect way to carry a few shells and even a bird or two. Inside the pouch are 6 heavy duty 2" wide elastic shell loops, perfect for keeping those shells at hand. This elastic isn't your cheap run-of-the-mill flimsy elastic like you find on most cheap vests, this is tough mil-spec elastic that is built to last. The pouch itself is big enough to hold one or more boxes of shells loose in the bottom. 

We find we don't shoot nearly as much we think we might when we are the truck, so every year we carry fewer and fewer shells in the field and this pouch gives you that ability to pare it down to its bare essentials. Pair it up with our Mesh Game Bag and you have a sturdy hunting rig that will last a lifetime and may just be passed on to future generations to enjoy as well. 

The waxed cotton pouches are built by hand in our own shop in small batches. Each one is unique and slightly different given the qualities of the authentic waxed cotton Iron Cloth.

Iron is tougher than tin, so we call our waxed cotton Iron cloth. Long ago the big famous brand of waxed cotton goods located in Seattle who shall remain nameless, outsourced their waxed cotton to oversea mills. But we've worked with the original mill in the USA that supplied their waxed cotton for over a hundred years to bring back the real deal and have upped the ante with Iron Cloth. It's a soft and supple as leather, waterproof and will acquire a nice patina with years of careful use and abuse.

We think you will love the versatility of our range of modular bird hunting pouches, if you don't just return it for a full refund. 

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