Ultra-Pro Package Discount

Sale price Price $ 4,749.00 Regular price $ 5,774.00 Unit price  per 

It's here!  The time of year, where you get the pro pricing for a limited time. 

This year we have put together a seriously awesome, $1025 extra value Ultra-Pro package for you to take home the deliciousness and get on the water. 

The package starts with our base package, basic ultra-light seats and $250 off of MSRP, that's right , lower price, not higher. There's no sign of inflation in our inflatables, except for the air pressure inside our tubes!

Then we stack on a whole bunch of our fantastic accessories at no extra charge. ($775)

1. Light Boat Dolly
2. Four Spot Rod rack
3. Motor Mount
4. Hands Free Oar Hooks
5. Our flat shipping rate, saving varies. 

The only way to get this deal is to order it right here.

Get after it. Our next batch has some rafts left in it and delivery is planned for end of November, early December. Don't wait it won't last long. 

Offer only valid Nov 10th through Dec 2nd and must be placed online and paid in full to qualify for discount.