Streamer Trout T-Shirt

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A super soft, heather military green t-shirt with a trout chasing a streamer on the back. What more could you want in a t-shirt?

Walking down the street, everyone will know that you don't care about HOW MANY you caught, but how you caught em. For us streamer folks, it's about throwing big balls of fur and feather and getting those wily beasts to charge out of their holes and at least take a swipe. If you land it, all the better. If you don't, well, you know where he lives and you'll get 'em next time, or maybe the time after that, or even the time after that. Heck at a certain point, it's just refreshing to know he's there and will eat whatever silly bunch of chicken parts you just launched into his living room and that you ticked him off enough to come and chase it down. 

I bet you didn't know a t-shirt could say all that, did you? Well this one does it, and does it with style.

Front graphic is retro style SmithFly logo.

Sizing is uni-sex and cut slightly tighter than normal, but not too much so, like a totally goldilocks fit.