Super Smart Pump

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A battery and car powered smart pump for your raft? Yep, that's right no more huffing and puffing with a foot pump.  You can inflate your raft anywhere, anytime, any how. The battery pack lasts at least two to three full inflation's without recharging. 

So what makes this pump smart? Well, other than its stellar ACT score, it actually switches from a hi volume blower, to  a higher pressure compressor modes automatically and then turns itself off when it hits the pressure that you designate. So pretty smart right? 

The perfect pump for all of our inflatable products. Hi-Pressure & Hi-Volume capabilities allow for fast and rigid inflation. Simply set the desired PSI and walk away! This allows for a perfectly rigid raft floor and perfectly inflated tubes. The only thing it doesn't do is season your crepe pans, but you've got that covered right? 

Includes 12v adapter for automotive use as well as battery pack for wilderness inflation. With the reverses side,  you can even switch it from blow to suck to make sure you raft shrinks down to it's most compact size. 

Now get out there and let your pump blow in the wild!