SmithFly Patrol Hat

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Fishermen like hats. Some may even say, the word "like" is putting it lightly. It's more like fisherman obsess over hats. Most have a collection that exceeds their ability to use them all. But the funny thing is, generally there's usually that one. Its the fishing hat. It's not the hat design that makes it a fishing hat, it's the time a fisherman spends fishing in it, that makes it a fishing hat. Fishing hats become fishing hats, by being fished in.

It's easy to see why we fisherman might obsess over hats. They keep the sun out of our eyes. They protect our head from flying hooks and wind. Some of us even use them to dry flies when we decide those flies aren't working anymore. 

The SmithFly Patrol Hat is nothing special. It's non-nondescript. It doesn't scream much of anything. It's pretty low key. It's super comfy. It keeps the sun off your head. It's cotton. It's totally not technical. It's not made in the USA, but it is embroidered in the USA, so that's something, right? 

It's a design that has been tested and developed by the military which means, if nothing else, that a bunch of people are forced to use one just like it begrudgingly every day without incident. It doesn't have much art on it. It just says, hey, this SmithFly thing is pretty cool, and I need a new fishing hat, so I picked one up.

Now if you don't mind, let's get to work bleaching it out in the sun, getting it covered in salty sweat bands and tearing a bunch of tufts of fabric out of it by putting perfectly sharpened fish hooks in it.

Fishing hats aren't made in factories, they are made on the water, in the sun and by the folks that wear them everyday doing what they love, fishing.

One Size fits most, velcro closure on back.
Note: Founder of SmithFly, Ethan Smith, has a bit of a large noggin and this Patrol works for him. So if you are in that group of Macro-Nogs, fear not, we've got you covered.