Little Shoals - Deluxe Seat

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Little Shoals Raft

The Little Shoals is basically a scaled down version of our super popular three person raft the Big Shoals but still has all the features everyone loves about our original. 

95 Pounds

12’ Long

4’ Wide

12” Tube Diameter

1mm PVC wear layer top and bottom

Self-Bailing Floor

Adjustable Front Casting Brace

Rear Gear Rack on Swivel

Padded Rowers Seat

Sawyer SST 2-Piece SST Oars

Drop stitched High pressure floor

5 Air Chambers

HD Carry Handles

8 D-Rings

Fully Welded One Piece Aluminum Rowing Frame

Sometimes less is more right? One some waters smaller is better when we are talking about fitting a raft through some tight spaces. That’s where this thing shines. If you only want to take one other person this is the ticket. 

The first problem with a narrower raft with 12” diameter tubes is they just tend to be that much easier to fall out of. Most of the people we’ve talked to about fishing from one of the competitor's rafts is that people always go ass over tea kettle right into the drink. For this reason many have an apprehension about fishing from the competitors rigs on cold days with cold water. But not for ours! We've taken our adjustable casting brace that people love and hooked it up to the front of this smaller raft to give you the confidence to stand up and row it straight down the chute without putting anyone face first into the drink. No such gimmick reverse lean bar here, just good old fashioned bent aluminum tube keeping you casting all day long.

The other problem we’ve experienced with a raft of this size and shape is flipping them over. To solve that problem we have our scuppered self-bailing floor to keep us firmly seated on the water surface. All of our rafts with the self-bailing scuppered floor have a little bit of water held underneath the drop-stitched floor between the bottom fabric of the raft body and floor. That breaks the surface tension of the water and acts like ballast to keep the raft sucked to the surface like glue. No tippy feeling at all, and trust us we’ve tried! Now is it totally flip proof? No raft is totally flip proof. You still have to put it on the right line and keep it punching through those waves, but you won’t flip on flat water when you go to land a fish like those other boats do.

This is the perfect raft for two people fishing all day or sketchy distant put ins where every ounce of weight counts.