Darby Creek Sling Pack

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The Darby Creek Sling is the most versatile little pack to hit the fly fishing since, ever! 

It can be used on a waist belt as a sling pack, a backpack, or a chest pack. It truly is a transforming amazing bit of kit that will allow to fish how you want when you want, well you still might need to get permission from your better half but you know what we mean.

Its heavy duty mil-spec nylon construction means it will last a lifetime, or more. It comes with a simple shock cord tippet spool holder. It has a great velcro fly patch attachment patch on the front to allow you easy access for drying flies after you've fished them.

Main pack body Size = 12" Tall x 8" wide x 5" deep.

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The padded shoulder sling stows in the back pocket to transform it into a waist pack. Simply slide your belt through it and voila! You've got a new waist pack where you had a sling before. It also has enough capacity in that spot to slide it on the gunwale of a canoe or drift boat. 

The strap can be attached to accommodate left or right shoulder wearing and can be attached via the top two d-rings as well to give the user a more vertical carry. The strap can be used with the velcro loop on the back as well to allow the bag to be used as a backpack or chest pack, total versatility in one pack.

Three main front pockets. The front small pocket has MOLLE webs on the outside to attach other pouches, MOLLE accessories or hold your EDC knife, nippers or pliers. The middle pocket has a divider to keep leaders and accessories organized. The main compartment has TWO divider pockets for additional organization. The rear pocket also has a divider for even MOAR organization, who is that organized anyway? Wait, YOU ARE after you hook this thing up!

And check it out, we offer three different colors! Henry Ford no more. We were always in the category of, any color you want as long as it is SmithFly green, well those days are over. Now you can get it in the highly requested, Coyote Tan and Black. 

Did we mention this works very well as a Concealed Carry Go bag too? Yeah well, it does. Fits a 1911, pretty well, just saying. Designed in the USA, but Imported, wah wah...