Cooler Kilt
Cooler Kilt with 3X Pouch and El Poquito
Cooler Kilt
Cooler Kilt
Cooler Kilt
Cooler Kilt
Poling form the Yeti with a Cooler Kilt
Cooler Kilt in the Keys
Cooler Kilt
One trip from the Car to the Boat

Cooler Kilt

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How do you make a cooler, even cooler? The Cooler Kilt allows you to hook up your pouches, with all your stuff in them, directly to a Cooler. Haul your Gear and your beer in one trip from the truck to the boat or the field.

Seriously, how many guides are out there sitting on a cooler while rowing, right now?  The cooler kilt lets you put your gear right there where you can access it, no hassle. Like David Lee Roth, now while you're fishing you can reach down, in between your legs... and grab a fly box.

Some of us, at least some of the time, are standing on coolers while we pole the flats. Why not have your gear on the front of that cooler to make it easier to access and out of the way?

Others of us are strapping coolers to SUPs and exploring uncharted extra SKINNY water. Now your gear can be hooked up right to the front or back of your 35 QT cooler on your SUP. No more rigging up some way to hang a bag or wearing something extra like a sling pack or whatever. Snap your stuff to your cooler, DONE.

Kayak fishing with a cooler, works there just as well.

Duck hunting? Our 1X and 2X pouches work REALLY well as shell or choke tube holders, and they will hook up to the outside of your cooler now. Organized and together. All in one trip. Drinks,  Sammiches, Shells, Choke Tubes, Dead Ducks, Water Bottles – whatever, all right there in one easy to carry package.

Each panel is cut and sewn in the USA from USA Made 1000D Cordura and has multiple rows of Mil-Spec nylon webbing sewn to the front with tough-as-nails, true, 1-inch-long, tactical-style bar tacks. The back of the panel has the snaps that attach the panel to the cooler. The contractors we use to build our components are some of the best Body Armor manufacturers in the USA. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s Made in the USA and will last longer than most of us will be alive.

Your cooler kilt package comes with 6 snaps for your cooler. The snaps on the cooler side of things are USA YKK Stainless steel self-tapping screws with snap heads just like you use on the boat side of a boat cover. Tried and true technology. Not rocket science, just good old-fashioned simplicity. The installation of the snaps on the cooler is simple and does not compromise the integrity or performance of your high-quality cooler. It is exactly the same system that the OEM cooler manufacturers use currently to attach their seats to the tops of their own coolers. Nothing new or dangerous here. But trust us, the first time you drill a screw in your expensive ass cooler it is, in fact, a bit nerve-wracking, but put on your big boy shorts and do it. It won’t hurt that bad at all, and having your gear organized and available in this new way will make your life that much more fulfilling.

You may ask yourself why no one has tried this before? Surely, there must be someone else out there making something like this right? Well, the short answer is, no there isn’t and don’t call me Shirley.

This item DOES NOT include the pouches shown in photos ONLY the Cooler Kilt by itself as shown in the first photo. If you would like to purchase pouches those are sold separately. For the smaller sizes(20Qt and 35Qt) we recommend a 3X and El Poquito. For the larger sizes you can add a Digi-Pouch and any of our other pouches.

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