Big Shoals Ultra Pro Package

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This  new pro package includes our most popular accessories and upgrades,  carefully curated from feeback givng by our guides around the country.  The Big Shoals Pro allows you to get in those remote access points, and fish the skinniest of waters. 

Expected Delivery date - 6-8 weeks from date of purchase

Big Shoals Raft:  

Gets three people on the water
 Dry weight of raft is 125 pounds
 13'-6" Length
 4'-6" width
 Dierks drift boat anchor system
 5 positions hinged front casting brace / lean bar

Deluxe Seats: 
No need to sacrifice comfort during a long day on the water.  The deluxe seats are a must for our guides and recreational anglers alike.    Tested and proven to help with better posture, reduce aches and pains,  and keeps you at the ready providing a  higher hookup  ratio
Multi-piece frame:   The multi-piece has all of the features and attention to detail as our one piece frame with a few added benefits.  This 3 piece breakdown frame allows you have the space saving storage/ transport options,  with out sacrificing quality.  Setup also becomes a breeze with manageable sections of the frame, and quick connection points .  This is definitely a guide favorite for those chasing seasonal  species all over the country.

25lb Anchor/ 50ft rope: 

In the calmer froggy water sections she drops in the soft silt of the river and happily sits upright for an easy retrieve. In swifter current she tips over and drags on the bottom and digs in those little spikes to hold nice and firm without digging in so much that it's hard to pull when you want to move on.

The anchor includes a super sexy 50' long double braided dock line style anchor rope.

Light Boat Dolly:

Take your raft or light boat into the hinterlands with our light boat Dolly. With pneumatic tires, a super stout Tig welded and powder-coated aluminum frame our Dolly is built using the same tried and true methods and materials as our raft.  

Super smart pump:

The perfect pump for all of our inflatable products. Hi-Pressure & Hi-Volume capabilities allow for fast and rigid inflation. Simply set the desired PSI and walk away! This allows for a perfectly rigid raft floor and perfectly inflated tubes. The only thing it doesn't do is season your crepe pans, but you've got that covered right? 

Includes 12v adapter for automotive use as well as battery pack for wilderness inflation. With the reverses side,  you can even switch it from blow to suck to make sure you raft shrinks down to it's most compact size.