Big Shoals Ultra Pro Package

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What you get: Big Shoals Raft base package, Two 8' Sawyer SST Oars, Hands Free Oar Hooks, Motor Mount, Two Padded Leg Braces and a Light Boat Dolly to get you back into those sketchy put ins. 

Big Shoals Specs:
 Dry weight of raft is 125 pounds
 13'-6" Length
 4'-6" width
 Dierks drift boat anchor system
 5 positions hinged front casting brace / lean bar

Deluxe Mesh Seats: 
No need to sacrifice comfort during a long day on the water.  The deluxe seats are a must for our guides and recreational anglers alike.   These new cool mesh seats are comfortable to sit in all day even in hot weather.
Multi-piece frame:   
The multi-piece has all of the features and attention to detail as our one piece frame with a few added benefits.  This 3 piece breakdown frame allows you have the space saving storage/ transport options,  with out sacrificing quality.  Setup also becomes a breeze with manageable sections of the frame, and quick connection points .  This is definitely a guide favorite for those chasing seasonal  species all over the country.

Light Boat Dolly:
Take your raft or light boat into the hinterlands with our light boat Dolly. With pneumatic tires, a super stout Tig welded and powder-coated aluminum frame our Dolly is built using the same tried and true methods and materials as our raft.  

Hands Free Oar Hooks:
These 1/4" thick, heat formed PVC and our 6mm EVA foam pads we made an oar hook that attaches to our frame in the perfect spot using our standard straps to keep your oars handy and out of the water but also out of the way while you tail Old Mossy Back and get that hook out, so you and that trophy gator face can live to fight another day. 

Padded Lag Braces:
Our padded leg braces clamp to either the front or rear casting brace tubes for added comfort on any of our rafts. Add it to your raft package for some extra fish stalking deliciousness and ride in style.