Backseat Bucket

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Check out our first in-house welded fabric product, the Backseat Bucket.

You've probably heard about our effort to spool up a USA based raft production facility in Montrose Colorado. We've been working on this project quietly for 3 years and it is finally coming to fruition. Yay!

So to celebrate that small ad long term victory and help offset some of those initial start-up costs we are offering up these cool buckets! 

The bucket is the most basic building block of training people how to make air-tight raft tubes. It's basically the end of the tube. We will making a lot of these over the next few weeks and months as we train our new staff on the new machines.

So we thought what better way to raise some funds than sell some of these cool basic products, rather than throw them away as waste? Win, win, right? We get training on making these things and you get a discounted cool product.

This thing fits neatly under the back seat of the raft and holds anything you want to throw into it. Big Streamer Boxes. KFC chicken buckets. ICE and Beer. PDFs. Rope and Anchor. Whatever you want to bring in the boat and keep in the back under the seat.

Or if are one of those, "we don't yet own a SmithFly raft normies" out there, then it holds groceries,  vinyl records, gravel, peat moss, lumber scraps, your whacky hacky-sack collection, disc golf shoes or maybe your old wine bottle cork collection, whatever you want!

It's a big floppy, vinyl coated nylon, water-proof vessel to put your stuff in and carry it around, in style, all the while knowing that you helped  us off set some of the costs of setting up this new project.

The original Batch of Ohio produced Buckets is now sold out! Thank's y'all!
The Next batch will be produced in Colorado mid November and shipping sometime there after.