The Stream Team Pro Staff

SmithFly's Stream Team pro staff is a unique and amazing collection of folks helping me design, build and test the gear I sell. They are out there every day on the water hammering out casts, rowing boats, calling shots for clients and generally pushing the limits of SmithFly gear. They provide photos, feed back and support when I need it. I can't thank them enough for playing a role in developing the brand and banging out new ideas. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today without them. Thanks y'all. If you'd like to know what they think about SmithFly stuff, get a hold of them, they'll tell you the truth.

Donnie Knight
Donnie was there at the inception of this whole modular gear thing. He has seen the worst of the worst in terms of prototypes and development products deep in the  heart of SmithFly world head quarters. As the head guide at SmithFly and owner of Ohio Fly By Knight he can put you on the fish anywhere around the Miami Valley and beyond. When not fishing around our neck of the woods you can find him chasing Southern musky on the James river in Virginia — don't forget to figure eight. 


Steve Martinez
After close to a decade of full time guiding, Steve still gets exited to wake up bright and early every morning. Steve’s experience ranges from guiding the Pere Marquette, Muskegon, and Manistee Rivers in the spring and fall, the flats of northern Lake Michigan for carp and smallmouth in June and July. Needless to say, he sees a lot of days on the water. He is notoriously destructive to gear and that's exactly why he is in charge of durability. If he can't break it, nobody can.


Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt is the owner and fly tyer at Anglers Choice Flies, a commercial fly tying company that has been producing flies for over fifteen years. With a variety of established patterns on the books Mike strives to push the limits of materials on the market to create 'the next generation' of flies. Every pattern designed at his vise is thoroughly water tested to ensure they perform as designed before being made available. Angler's Choice Flies 


Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson lurks in the seedy underworld and outskirts of fly fishing and by that we mean he fishes for things other than trout and Atlantic Salmon. He is mostly known for being a part-time shop-rat at Living Waters Fly Fishing (in Round Rock, Texas), a Diablo Paddlesports bum, and a semi-regular face on several great websites. Brandon moved to Texas in 2005 after his military service and learned to fly fish shortly after. He has fished in several tournaments and placed in a few. He is a horrible guide, a glass geek, and a lover of cheap gear (just ask him about his Eagle Claw).”


Cory Routh
Nationally known as Ruthless, Cory is certainly one of the most traveled kayak anglers int he US. He has fished waters from New York City to Texas and everywhere in between. Cory is not just a kayak fishing guide, he is also an experienced outdoorsman who also enjoys flyfishing, big game, waterfowl and upland bird hunts. Cory has a BS in Marine Biology from East Carolina University, and has worked for several environmental agencies. His resume includes time with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries, Marine Resources Commission, and most recently the Virginia Department of Environmental


Matt Smythe
A military veteran and avid outdoorsman, Matt finally decided that hunting and gathering for his family’s table is a far better way to make a living than grinding out a nine-to-five behind a desk. From his Upstate NY home, Matt splits his time between freelance marketing consulting work, time in the woods and on the water with his kids and writing his blog,


Mike Sepelak
Mike Sepelak is the Mike behind the Mike's Gone Fishin'... Again blog. Don't believe a word he says, except for the nice things about SmithFly — that's all true, everything else is complete malarkey, and that's exactly how we like it.


Brian Kozminski
“Koz” has been plying trout from Michigan waters for over 30 years. Originally from Grand Rapids where the Rogue River and Grand River were his home waters, his frequent trips to Grayling to fish the Holy Waters were not enough. Over a decade ago, he and his wife, Lesley, daughters, Simone and Camille, and labs, Moose, Murphy and Stella, made ‘Up North’ a permanent way of life. Rooted in Petoskey, the Bear and Maple Rivers were his primary destinations. A recent transplant to Boyne City now allows the Jordan and Boyne Rivers to become his backyard home waters. A lifetime member of Trout Unlimited and ex officio for the Miller VanWinkle Chapter, he shares his passion for the resources by teaching local children the art of fly tying. He also provides a Salmon in the Classroom experience for kids at Sheridan Elementary School in Petoskey. An advocate for catch and release, he is also northern Michigan’s Ambassador for Greenfish, as well as an FFF member. He has been tying flies since his father taught him at the age of nine. Koz has made trips to Belize to confirm the speed of Bonefish and the illusive Permit, St. Maarten to cast for Tarpon, and the endless beauty of the Rockies in Colorado fishing for Greenbacks and Cutts. Although Steelhead and large Brown Trout at night are exciting, the true treasure of northern Michigan lies in the orange flecks and blue halos of the native Brook Trout from its cold, clean and clear rivers.


Dave Hosler
Dave Hosler lives in Hoosierland with his wife, two dogs, and two cats.  Dave grew up with a rod in his hand (no not that rod) his grandfather having put it there as soon as he could hold it (again not that rod) and sit still long enough to drown a worm. He take pictures. Lots of pictures. Cool pictures. Pictures with toothy fish in them. Since the 80s, Dave has fished all over. He got away from it in high school when skateboarding was his life. After 20 years of skateboarding, his body was pretty shot. He has smaller of a chance of slamming his nuts into a handrail while fishing, so now he sticks with that. He is sure his wife is much happier that way. He writes Pile Cast Blog.


Jason Tucker
Jason is a fly angler, writer and blogger who chases everything from trout, carp and smallmouth on the flats, steelhead on the coastal rivers and all species in between. He is a small stream specialist often fishing deep in Michigan’s backcountry. His writing is often featured on, Blood Knot magazine, The Backcountry Journal as well as on his own website, Fontinalis Rising.


Jean-Paul Lipton
Bottom dredging brownliner, rambling far far away from his native beaches of Hawaii.
Bona fides: Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels Pro, Greenfish and
Mountain Khakis Ambassador, and Idylwilde Flies Signature Tier.
Hobbies: Charcuterie, tactical shooting
Favorite Weapons: Carp Crack, AR-22 Mock Dissipator, Hurricane High Gravity.
Hidden Shame: Slept in a bush once while on Beaver Island.


Jess Westbrook
Jess picked up fly fishing at the age of about 8 years old.  He spent weeks every summer chasing stocker rainbows in Roaring River, Missouri.  Still today we return to Roaring River every summer for a family vacation. His love for fly fishing turned into an obsession in his early twenties.  He was given the opportunity to guide for Rainbow Bay Resort in Pedro Bay, Alaska.  While in Alaska, he learned the ropes of guiding and also learned a lot about himself.  After returning to Alaska in 2013, it became obvious that guiding was something he was called to do.

Guiding gives him the opportunity to combine two passions: fishing and teaching.  Today he owns an Arkansas based guide service called Black Dun Fly Fishing and he is the general manager for Nushagak Paradise Lodge which is located on the Nushagak River in outside of Dillingham, Alaska.  In 2015 Jess and his wife Laura founded The Mayfly Project, a non-profit organization that mentors foster children through fly fishing.  When he am not guiding he can be found he and his Laura somewhere with Kase (our son) strapped to our back!


Eric VanAllen
Born and raised in the Midwest, Eric grew up chasing Brookies with his Dad in the streams of Northern Michigan. He tied his first fly at age 9, and was inspired to pursue fly fishing with a passion that has continued to grow throughout the years. Eric currently works as a video game artist in Seattle, WA. The opportunity to develop a career in the Pacific Northwest has allowed for him to chase after his dream of fishing some of the finest rivers in the Western United States. With world class water in nearly every direction, the possibilities are endless. However, it should come as no surprise that his favorite places are reminiscent of those small stream destinations in his home state. A perfect day is one that involves a cascading mountain stream full of native cutthroat, enjoyed alongside his beautiful wife and their Malamute side-kick, Olivia. When he isn't tying flies or chasing trout, Eric is often creating artwork inspired by his recent fly fishing experiences. He documents his adventures, puts up some amazing art and photos over at 


Nick Bertrand
Nick is a graduate student in ichthyology studying all kinds of crazy fish stuff, all over the place. In addition to fly boxes and the usual assortment of fly fishing gear, Nick uses his SmithFly gear to carry his investigative tools to various research labs around the country. When not dissecting various specimens in a laboratory environment, you can find nick posting updates on his fishing and tying adventures at