When we found a vacant old distillery building with a store front to use as our base of operation in our home town of Troy, Ohio we knew that being a soft goods only shop and headquarters wasn't going to work. We had to offer a complete line of stuff to the local folks, flies rods, reels lessons, trips etc. The trouble was that Troy Ohio isn't exactly a "fly fishing destination" and while there are plenty of fly anglers in our neighborhood we have a lot of new angler's to bring in to the fold as well. 

We started talking to lots of rod builders and thought we might be able to find the right partner with the Made in the USA vibe to go along with the vision for our revolutionary soft goods that we've been design building and selling for the last five years. Truthfully, we love them all. Every one of the folks we talked to at all the rod manufacturers are awesome and build amazing rods. Hopefully someday we will carry some of their lines.

But the price point wasn't right for the shop. We are a normal, small town, middle-class community. We aren't in San Francisco or NY or Boston or Boulder. This is small town America at it's finest with 360 miles of scenic river trails within a 30 minute drive of the shop and we wouldn't want to do what we do anywhere else in the country. But only carrying $800 rods, just wasn't going to cut it.

So we looked at the import rod brands but found that we can source better rods at better prices when we go direct to the manufacturers. So what we do is buy rods that the import guys would put in their "upper" price category and sell them at the entry level price. 

So when we give casting lessons or take new anglers out for a day on the river, they can have a set of gear that is entry level priced but with parts and build quality, and customer service that will last them deep into the developing passion for fly fishing. 

You will not "grow out" of any of our rods. They cast well, and stand up to heavy use. These are not cheap pieces of junk you will want to toss out in a year. These are great quality durable tools that we think you will enjoy for a long time. 

You'll also notice that don't carry a mind numbing array of sizes and length rods. We've distilled selection down to the essential pieces, 5WT and 8WT single hand rods, 12' 9" SPey and 10'

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