Camo Big Shoals Raft

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What makes our raft different and so unique?

1. Gets three people on the water
2. Dry weight of raft is 120 pounds
3. 13'-6" Length
4. 4'-6" width
5. One piece rigid frame 
6. Dierks drift boat anchor system
7. 5 position hinged front casting brace / lean bar

The base package consists of:

• 4 chambered Raft body 15" tube diameter (Summit valves)
• Rigid inflatable self-bailing floor with dense foam pad
• Powdered coated alum rowing frame with oar locks
• Padded Draining Rowers Seat
• Two Swivel Camo Fishing Seats - Fore and Aft
• Dierks Anchor system
• Frame Tie down kit
• Custom Camo shaft 8' One piece Rope Wrap Sawyer SST Oars with 
• Raft body carrying pack
• Dual action foot pump
• Patch kit

Photos Show raft equipped with optional upgrades
4 Spot Rod Rack ($349)
Motor Mount ($100)

Other Upgrade Options:
• 20 Pound Spiked Drift Boat anchor and 50' rope $120
• 35 Qt Yeti in Front Seat position $349
• 45 Qt Yeti Front Seat position $399

There are a number of similar lightweight rafts on the market currently but we have solved some of the primary pain points that have prevented guides and fly industry pro's from making the leap into the lightweight category, the biggest being the ability to seat three large people. This opens this raft up to a number of people who haven't traditionally been able to justify a lightweight raft.

Second is the frame and anchor system. Our frame is one piece. We are not selling this as a pack raft at this point. Our frame is a simple solid one-piece design. This a frame that will take years of abuse and will not squeak and get rickety over the years. We chose durability over portability. That isn't to say that there is no place for a portable packable raft, for some people that is important, but for us the rigid welded aluminum tube frame is important. 

I have been incredibly impressed with how amazing this boat has worked. We have skinny water with no boat ramps and the boat has outdone every other craft thats on the water. I've had numbers of people ask how they can get their hands on them. It's opened up so much new water for me and I can't say enough good things about it. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what an amazing product you've put out, and thank you for the incredible customer service. -  Will Paul,  Guide Raleigh, NC

The anchor system is a standard Dierks aluminum side pull drift boat style anchor system. We recommend a twenty pound drift anchor.

The frames are built in batches. We open and close ordering windows a few times a year. Production is not limited right now but demand has been swift enough that we are a month or two out on delivery.

Aft casting brace is welded in place behind rowers seat. Bow casting brace is a five position adjustable that lays flat when not in use to allow for seated fishing or just sitting back taking it in in the bow of the boat.

This is the perfect third boat to add to a guide or lodge fleet. Most guides and lodges have a rigid drift boats and big rafts. The Big Shoals is the perfect lightweight raft to guide customers on when flows get skinny in the later summer and those other boats get to drafty and heavy. Even western rivers that traditionally run drift boats get skinny that time of year. Having one of these ultralight weight raft makes portages and log jams so much easier. It's the perfect summer mousing boat in Michigan and the perfect skinny water smallmouth boat in the east.