Raft Poling Platform

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Have ever thought to yourself, boy I love my raft, but there are times where I would LOVE to get a better view and pole this sucker like a flats skiff? Maybe you've got a carp flat at your local impoundment? Maybe you've got a really wide and shallow slow moving section of froggy stuff above a low head dam near you, with some fish, that if you could sneak up on... and maybe, just maybe, you could get your buddy to actually make a decent cast for once in his life you could have a shot at landing a slobbering hand full of fat goodness?

We solved that problem with the most recent incarnation of our big shoals raft poling platform. Using quick disconnect speed rail fixtures attached to our frame we developed an aluminum and EVA foam decked master piece to get you up high and let you pole where ever and how ever you'd like to. Just add pole.

Because the speed rail fittings need to be added to the frame's aft section when it built this will require a completely new aft section of the frame. So if you have an older version of raft with a one piece frame, then we will need to chop that down and make you a fresh aft section. 

Using the speed rail fittings makes it possible to affix a quick disconnect to the seat swivel, to make removing the seat and switching from river raft to flats poling machine a quick affair. Only moments of down time, easy on easy off. 

Poling platforms are built to order, in house, with a current lead time of approximately 2-4 weeks.