Carbon 96 Oars

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The Carbon 96 oars are our answer to the question, "what are the perfect oars for our rafts?" Nobody made the perfect oars for us. So we decided to build them ourselves in house.

Using a wet layup carbon laminate over a lightweight, laminated wood core gives the best of both worlds, the strength, lightness and durability of an epoxy with carbon shell but with the slight flex and softness of a wooden oar all the while keeping weight to a minimum. 

Weighing in at just 5.4 pounds and 8' long,  each Carbon 96 oar weighs the same as our standard light weight full fiberglass SST oar, but are stiffer than fiberglass with the power that bigger water demands. That being said, they don't have that notably lifeless dead stick feel of a bigger shafted Carbon Oars that tend to wear heavily on shoulders during long trips.  Those big oars are built from the mega-stiff carbon pre-preg tubes  out of the big carbon factories. The oars just seam to wear on you after a while.  

The Carbon 96 is the perfect balance between wood core with life and softness and the technological superiority and strength of carbon fiber. We like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A little techie a little bit classic old school. 

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