The Little Miami Conservancy and their fleet of Big Shoals Rafts to do conservation work

In 2006 and 2007 I spent one of the best years of my life working for some pretty amazing people at For Impact | The Suddes Group. Their whole thing is helping organizations raise money to fund their visions. Tom's (the old guy, OG) thing was to help other people have an IMPACT on the world. His whole goal was to turn the language around on not-for-profits and get people to be about what they FOR, like having an IMPACT not what they are not, profit.

Today we delivered four Big Shoals Rafts to the Little Miami Conservancy . The boats were paid for with Ohio Division of Natural Resources funds collected from fishing license money. They will be using the rafts to take donors and potential donors on tours of the river to see first hand the good work their donations go to pay for. 

Most of their donors are older folks who don't or can't get into and out of canoes or kayaks and wouldn't want to handle them themselves if they could. So our boats will allow them to take these people with limited mobility on tours of the work while sitting back and taking in the scenic beauty of the river and let a guide do all the rowing The Big Shoals rafts also get in and out of the water without needing boat ramps, a situation that is too familiar to folks on the Little Miami.

This brought me back to those heady days not so long ago when I was helping out For Impact organizations do good work. It's nice to feel like your doing the good stuff to help improve the world.

If you know of a conservation organization that could use some light weight rafts to get on their water to help raise funds, hit us up we can help with that. You might even get a grant to pay for them!

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