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Scofield's A Go-Go: One of the greatest genre benders in the history of music.

One of my new year's resolutions is to actually make good on my commitment to original content in this space, The Study Blog. In the hustle and flow of business activity and just trying to stay ahead of the jackals this blog endeavor has been sadly lacking in content. That shall change 2017. And I shall steer away from nagging complaints about the way other people do business, and focus on the beauty I see in the world and the things that inspire me and make the world a better place through art music literature and of course fishing. Today, I needed a blast from the past. An uplifting, keep on keeping on, groove for focus and getting shit done. I needed...

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Friday Spotlight on a Master - Joey Defrancesco

If there is one single concept I'm celebrating here it's authentic mastery of of a subject. That is, looking so deeply so as to become enveloped by a subject and it becomes part of you. Whether it's fly fishing, music, art, cooking etc. I love to get to know things on the highest level possible. Some might call it obsession, other might see it as unhealthy but I see it as the true embodiment of  Thoreau's call to live deliberately.  Today I'm profiling one of the masters of the B3 who really lives and breathes his instrument - Joey Defrancesco. An important thing to note is that to truly experience his mastery of the subject you really do NEED to see it live. Why? He...

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Essential Vinyl - Max Roach Collection

Periodically on the study blog we will spotlight a musician and some of their essential recordings to look for on vinyl. Most of the selections are from our collection and most should be available out there fairly readily in used record stores for low, if not down right unreal prices like a dollar or two. With some quick cleaning and descent turn table you can have a nice collection of records to actually listen to and you don't have to download them or listen to obnoxious commercials in the middle of great music.  Max Roach It's TimeMiles Davis Birth of CoolBuddy Rich Vs Max RoachChet Baker Witch DoctorMax Roach +4Charles Mingus Quintet + Max RoachSonny Rollins +4Slide Hampton Drum Suite Todays' selection is...

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