Missed Connections: A Musky story

You were the ghostly figure that showed up unannounced in the dark teal water under the gray skies.

I was the jerk at at the other end of the line with the sore back. 

You crushed my half pounder and leapt from the water with a knee buckling head shake.

I was the one who set the hook in the wrong direction and then just stood there, mouth agape, brain deeply disconnected from reality for a short while trying to comprehend the madness that had just ensued only to be dwarfed the severity of the loss. While you just swam away like nothing happened. Like you always do.

We had the connection. I felt it. You felt it. But it ended with us both parting ways under all too familiar circumstances.

We need to work on this relationship. Its getting unhealthy for me. One would think that I would eventually get the gist of where we are going with this and just give up.

I felt like we had something special and its worth working on. I'm not giving up on you. If you are out there, reading this, let's reconnect. 

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