A sonnet in iambic pentameter about the Big Shoals? Sure why not.

A sonnet in iambic pentameter about the Big Shoals, sure why not.

Oh, how delightful 'tis to float a stream,
With SmithFly Big Shoals Raft at our command,
Through bends and rapids, such a splendid dream,
With sun and water, life feels truly grand.
The river's flow becomes our own heartbeat,
As we glide on its surface, light as air,
The world around us, a blissful retreat,
Nature's symphony, a melody so fair.

The raft, so sturdy, carries us with ease,
As we explore the river's every bend,
And marvel at the sights that it decrees,
A journey that will surely never end.
So let us float and revel in this day,
On SmithFly's raft, in carefree, joyful way.

Or perhaps you like version two?

Amidst the gentle flow of river's breeze,
My heart takes flight on waves of ecstasy.
The SmithFly Big Shoals Raft with ease,
Navigates currents with felicity.
The water's ripples, soft and serene,
Reflect the sun's bright rays with shining sheen.

As I float on, lost in this river dream,
My cares and worries slowly fade from scene.
Oh, what a joyous sight to behold,
The scenery passing by, so green and bold.
Birds chirping, fish jumping, stories to be told,
This river adventure, never gets old.
So let us float on, with hearts aglow,
In this SmithFly raft, with nowhere to go.

This Ai thing may get carried away and someday run our entire human expreience into the ground, but until then we shall use it for good or least fun parlor games. Huzah!

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