Be careful what you wish for, flood stage edition.

So our rivers have been very low and clear until very recently, so much so that we've been praying for rain. Up north the big pushes of steelhead have been waiting for a river rise to get things moving.

Down here, the trout stream was so low we actually had some nice BWO and midge hatches happening in the afternoons. Unseasonably warm weather and a heavy Goretex hatch in the afternoon has made for positively happy dry fly fisherman. 

But the die hard streamer fisherman among us have wanted a bit more greenish tint and higher winter flows to get the big fish to chase big meat a little more aggressively. A little water would have helped and it certainly did for at least for a few hours. 

Ohio Fly By Knight was out for an afternoon between the light rain and the complete deluge and managed a few nice fish. Biggest was a nice 21" Notice how ethically Ron presents his fish, no arm extension, no BS, just a nice healthy 21.

Some new blow downs from a high wind storm that blew through before the big rain has added quite a few new pieces of woody debris to the river. Which reminds me, tis the season to bring your chainsaw.

So be careful what you wish for, we got that bump of rain and then some. Peak flow was right at 14,000 CFS. I've seen the Great Miami, higher but not by much. When it rains it pours.

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